Co-founder & CEO, Claude has more than twenty years of global experience in the Health Care industry in product & market development in pharmaceuticals & vaccines (Merck & Novartis). With extensive sales & marketing experience at the global and market level, including product launch, Claude led HPV vaccine blockbuster Gardasil regulatory, market development & commercial launch efforts. He also developed MenB vaccine, Bexsero, scientific platform, product profile & market development leading global marketing efforts through EMEA filing.

Neurosurgeon, Inventor of Drive’N Roll and Co-founder of Ergosuture, Dr. Almodovar splits his time between his practice in neurosurgical oncology and Ergosuture's R&D efforts. His creativity, passion and resilience has led to Ergosuture's expansive patent portfolio around the Drive'N Roll technology. Most recently, Dr. Almodovar became a member of the 2017-2018 Class of The AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassadors - a program with the vision to “showcase the human face of inventors in order to inspire, inform and influence thought leaders and global community.” 

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About the Founders

About the Company

Luis J. Almodovar

​Co-Founder, Inventor & Head of Research

The proprietary needle action of the ERGOSUTURE Technology platform (enhanced suturing devices) was developed FOR Surgeons BY a Surgeon, Dr. Luis J. Almodovar

Ergosuture was founded by four professionals.

They bring to the table direct user experience, global marketing expertise, in-depth legal and financial knowledge as well as sound entrepreneurship experience.

Two co-founders and a few employees are currently dedicating their efforts to making Ergosuture’s Vision a reality.

Claude C. Nogard

​Co-Founder & CEO