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Dr. J. G. Rivera



Easy to manage, easy, less stressful for surgeon when passing through tissues. Very useful for Gyn. Surgeons working deep in the pelvis.

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EASIER - Ability to grasp and rotate a curved surgical needle continuously through soft tissues. Intuitive transfer of suturing motions built into device.

BETTER – More reliable & consistent sutures (reduces human error/fatigue & hand-tremors)

FASTER - Reduction of steps required in the suturing process

Features & Benefits - Testimonials

Dr. M. Perez



I am impressed with the design of the Ergosuture enhanced suturing devices and see advantages versus a needle holder to work in tight spaces with greater flexibility during the wound closure process. Greatest benefit where you have a lot of repetitive motions operating in the pelvic area.

Dr. J. Salgado



More versatile device for pelvic procedures. Suturing of the Urethra & Endometriosis, etc. Ergosuture's devices could also be adopted to laparascopic and robot-assisted devices used for wound closure.