Surgeon-Designed Solution 

Drive’N Roll ENABLES surgeons to suture CONSISTENTLY, in a familiar manner and versatile way, by creating a dynamic relationship between the needle and the device.

Drive’N Roll™ was designed to simplify the suturing process:
  • Enhances surgeons suturing capabilities with minimal device specific training;
  • Enables easy transfer of skills from open to minimally invasive surgery; and
  • Decreases the time and need for instrument exchange with the device’s versatile multifunctional capabilities.

            Unmet Needs

Laparoscopic suturing is laborious and time consuming, requiring coordination of multiple steps, significant concentration and effort. This is mainly because during laparoscopic surgery, surgeons have difficulty to assess depth and 3-D orientation to place instruments. The surgeon’s most common challenges are:
  • Limited visibility: visualization occurs using a 2-dimensional monitor;
  • Limited range of motion and haptic feedback; and
  • Tool endpoints moving in the opposite direction to the movement of the surgeon’s hands.

To become proficient in laparoscopic surgery such as sacrocolpopexy, it takes a trainee 30 procedures to achieve an operation time equivalent to that of the teacher.

  • ​Intuitive, easy to use and versatile suturing technology that mimics traditional suturing devices surgeons are commonly trained with
  • Integrates proprietary tips allowing users to grasp & rotate a curved surgical needle without requiring rotational motion at the operator’s wrist
  • Enables bi-directional motion & manipulation of the needle for easier, more convenient & safer handling 
  • At a FRACTION of the costs of competitive products.

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US Patent #'s: 7,331,970 B2 / 8,696,690 B2 / 9,192,376 B2,  covering    

hand-held, laparoscopic, robot-assisted & robotic suturing applications. One provisional patent. Additional US & International patents pending.


The Drive’N Roll technology applications are multiple, from hand-held suturing devices to laparoscopic suturing, surgical robots and other automated devices used for wound closure.

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