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Rapid urbanization and increasing per capita income has led to a surge in lifestyle diseases especially in emerging economies. 
High prevalence of lifestyle diseases and subsequent rise in procedures for the treatment of these diseases have demanded efficient sealants and wound closure methods for faster recovery and increased patient convenience. Various innovations in MIS/ VATS, such as knot tying, distal end articulation, and ergonomic handle, have helped reducing surgeons’ pain and expediting the suturing process.

The novelty governing the function of the Drive’N Roll™

The ability to grasp and rotate a curved surgical needle without requiring a rotational motion at the operator’s wrist;

-Scalability to various suturing scenarios

-Ease of implementation and affordability

-Ergosuture technology is particularly well suited for minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) and video-assisted thoracic surgeries (VATS).

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Unmet Needs

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) have shown to reduce patients discomfort and recovery time, however length of instruments, poor depth perception and the required non-intuitive motor skills, still present substantial challenges to surgeons.
The required mastering of the tools and related costs, have hampered MIS adoption.
Innovations such as one-hand suturing, or even the enhanced mobility at the wrist level that replicates natural wrist motion as observed in robot-assisted surgery, have proven to be partial solutions as they offer certain advantages but lack others.
None of these innovations answer the main challenge:
Can they enable surgeons, disregarding their proficiency level, to approximate tissues, consistently day in and day out (even in the hardest to reach locations), in a familiar and versatile way?

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The Drive’N Roll technology applications are multiple, from hand held suturing devices to laparoscopic suturing, surgical robots and other automated devices used for wound closure.

Our Technology Platform


US Patent #'s: 7,331,970 B2 / 8,696,690 B2 / 9,192,376 B2,  covering    

hand-held, laparoscopic, robot-assisted & robotic suturing applications. One provisional patent. Additional US & International patents pending.